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Pastor’s Perspective

August 24, 2017

Importance of the Word: As we study the Bible, we see men and women who changed the world around them and in many instances their influence, passion and…

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work extended to the very ends of the Earth. What was it about these people that caused the hand of God to touch them in such a way and gave them an intensity, stamina and commitment to carry out the tasks of God? These men and women were so consumed with the burden of God that they did things that turned entire nations back to God. So, were these people a special breed or perhaps super heroes endowed with supernatural powers unknown to followers of Christ today? Not at all. The Bible paints a clear picture that those men and women were people just like you and me. Their examples reveal a pattern for us to follow and they possessed something in their character that caused God to lay his hand on them. He chose them to accomplish His purposes and God is urging us to seek that same character quality today. Scriptures clearly tells how and why God chose these people. As an example, Ezra, chapter 7, verse 10 says, “For Ezra had set his heart to study the law of the Lord and to practice it, and to teach His statutes and ordinances in Israel.” Ezra made a conscious decision and he was determined to seek God’s Word and obey it, and he did not swerve from that decision. He told himself, “I’m going to be a student of the Word. And I am going to act on everything I read.” In order for this present generation to see this same intensity, this same Holy Ghost stamina, this same burden, we must be students of the Word—not just to read the Word, but to apply it to our lives and teach it to those around us.


Always check out our Church Calendar on this page to see what Chapman’s Chapel is up to and there is always something going on within our church family…

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for both kids and adults. We are excited about our Homecoming and Friend’s Day on September 24th as well as look forward to announcing this new website at that service. We have some amazing things going on at our church and making plans now for a great 2018 through developing new programs, establishing goals and executing plans to reach the Pelham Community through sharing the love of Christ. We hope that you will come join us one Sunday and visit a warm and loving place to worship and become a part of the family of God.

Sunday School

Sunday School is one of the most exciting things that can happen in a kids’ life. Not only do I remember how excited I was each Sunday morning to get to my class…

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but it is also one of the most important things that you can give to a kid. Time spent with a loving Christian Sunday School teacher has changed many lives through the ages and at Chapman’s Chapel, we have Sunday School for all ages – not just children. Our children, pre-teens, teen, young adults and seniors all have a place to meet and study the Word together and share life experiences. Come get involved in a Sunday School class this Fall!

Women’s Fellowship

Chapman’s Chapel serves as home to a community of women that gather together quarterly and celebrate the fellowship and love of Jesus Christ. This quarter…

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we hosted a Women’s Conference with over 130 women in attendance from various churches throughout the Pelham Community and a varied of churches that participated. We had Kim McClean as the worship leader who is has been recognized and awarded for both her country music song writing and now as a Christian singer and song writer. National speakers, such as Beth Coppadge and daughter, Cricket Albertson delivered great messages of inspiration and hope through their Bible teaching. Our next event will be our Thanksgiving Dinner and check out the Events calendar for time and location.

Teen Happenings

The teens at Chapman’s Chapel are very connected to this church, our leaderships, their schools and this community. Each week, they come together to stay and learn…

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God’s Word and have a great time learning… like this little life lesson below. A Christian university teacher cleared off his desk and placed on top of it a few items. One of the items was an empty mason jar. He proceeded to fill up the jar with golf balls until he could fit no more. He looked at the classroom and asked his students if they agree that the jar is full. Every student agreed that the jar was indeed full. The teacher then picked up a box of small pebbles and poured them into the jar with the golf balls. The pebbles filled all of the openings in between the golf balls. He asked the students if the jar was full. Once again, they agreed. Now the teacher picked up a bag of sand and poured it into the mason jar. The sand filled in all of the empty space left between the golf balls and pebbles. He asked the class again if the jar was full. The students agreed it was technically full. Finally, the teacher pulled out a pitcher of water from under his desk and poured both of them into the jar filling the empty space between the sand. Now the students began to laugh wondering how far this was going.

The teacher waited until the laughter stopped. “I want you to recognize that this jar represents your life,” he started. “The golf balls represent the important things. Your family, health, faith, friends, and passions. If everything else was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full. The pebbles represent the other things in life that matter, such as your job, house and car. The sand—that is everything else. The small stuff. If you put the sand in first, there is no room for the pebbles or golf balls. The same goes for life. If you spend all of your time and energy on the small stuff, you will never have room for the things that are most important. Pay attention to the important things in your life. Enjoy time with family. Go to dinner with your spouse. Play games with your kids. Establish the roots of your faith in Christ. There will always be time to clean the house or take yourself shopping. Take care of the golf balls first—the things that really matter. The rest is just sand.

Children’s Corner

September 10, 2017

This week in Sunday School we learned the amazing story of King Josiah. After the death of his father, he became king of Judah when he was only eight years old! …

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Not long thereafter, he began to reform the land of Judah. He not only removed all of the shrines, idols and alters to pagan deities, he also reinstituted worship services at the temples which had been abandoned for many years. God was pleased with Josiah and blessed him during his reign for his righteousness and faithfulness. Even though Josiah did not have a godly influence in his father, King Amon, he still chose to seek and follow God with a humble heart and was a great example to his people. As Josiah heard and believed the Word of God, we can do the same today no matter what our lives look like. God is pleased when a person hears God’s Word and responds with a humble, obedient heart. This week, pray to be shown if there are things in your life that do not reflect who Christ is.